Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Dan in real life

What a great movie! It's a romantic comedy, where a widower with three daughters meets in a bookstore a woman and she turns out to be his brother's new girlfriend. It's fun and sweet and there are moments where you can't hold the tears at bay.
But it got me thinking about those times in your life where you meet a wonderful person that simply just fits you. You can talk for hours and hours on end and you never run out of things to say to each other. Time passes by flying while you're together. And you start to think that maybe here is a person you would really like to know better and, if the feeling is mutual, start a really lasting relationship together.
But then you find out that he (or she, depending your gender and tastes) is already in a relationship. And it feels like you've been hit by a brick. And it's painful. And you start to wonder why the hell you didn't meet him (or her) before he met the other person.
A devilish voice appears in your head saying how you'd get a chance if they broke up. But it makes you feel mean, because you wouldn't really want that to happen to the other person. So you smother that bitchy voice and you just keep asking yourself why life is so unfair as to make you meet this person when it was already too late.

In the movie (and if you haven't seen it and don't want to know the ending beforehand, please stop reading), Dan ends up with the girl, like in almost all Hollywood movies. And everyone is happy, including his brother, who forgives Dan for stealing his girlfriend. And this makes you wish that those things could really happen in real life, especially in your case.
But then, Life isn't a movie. So we can only hope everything ends alright...

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