Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Spring is coming!

After a very tough winter, I sincerely wish that this spring turns out to be as amazing as this flowers that grow at work!

Friday, 13 August 2010

Crafts in cold porcelain

When you feel like the world is crashing down on you, sometimes it helps to do things that require concentration but are not, in a way of speaking, important. Hurray for working in cold porcelain!
Yesterday when my cat got worse and I could do nothing to help her (so frustrating is this situation!), I had to do something with myself. And here is the result of my work: Poisson Charlie. He is the only one who survived. I tried to make a vudu doll but failed horribly (TWICE!), so I ended up making Charlie. My boyfriend sugested I make it, so I'm giving Charlie to him to keep him company while he works.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Trying out HDR

My first try at HDR, I really like it. I know I'll have to get better, but I just like the technique :)
What do you think?

Friday, 6 August 2010

Blindness won't stop you!

The light went away from your eyes and plunged you in a world of darkness.
And I see the look in your eyes and I can't help myself. I just wanna sit in a dark corner and cry. It is so unfair for you to suffer this way...

You are breaking my heart into pieces, but we'll make it through! Blindness won't stop you! No, it wont't!

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Il fait froid!!

Today it is so cold here that the water and the grass on the roadsgot frozen! I know that for some places a little bit of ice is no big deal, but here in my city it is not very common for temperatures to be below 0 degrees centigrades...
Here is a pic I took from a hot spring that is besides the road toward my work!

I'm adding this pic to the Black and White Wednesdays in The Long Road to China! Go there to check out all the other stunning pictures! :)

the long road

Have a wonderful wednesday!!!

Monday, 2 August 2010


My beautiful, beautiful, beautiful 17 years-old cat just became blind. It's imposible to express in words how sad I am.
I knew something like this would eventually come, but it seemed so far away. She is very old for a cat, but she was just as energetic as when we adopted her.

Her name is Mimosa and she is so lovely. I love her with all my heart.

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Friday night with the girls

Friday night, we had homemade pizzas with my best friends C. and R.
We had so much fun, although we were all super tired. We did an improptu mini-shoot and here are the results. I put the camera on a timer so I could appear on the pics too :)

So yummy was the Ferrero Rocher!!! Look at my Friend's C. look of pleasure!

Friday, 30 July 2010

Thank God it's Friday!

Oh boy! What a week! Thank God it's nearly over!

It's been a busy week at work because I had to prepare samples for a series of experiments I have to make. This preparation involves the electric organ of an electric ray that comes from California, USA. It took me three days to get everything done. But luckily I've finished. Next week the experiments will begin :)
There are only two things to complain about this week's work:

1) The centrifuges didn't want to work for me. They'd work for every one else but me! Does it mean they hate me? I don't think the can actually feel any emotion against me being that they are machines but although I follow every single step to get them to start (same as anybody else) they just won't start... So annoying!

2) I learned the taste of this ray.... and it's not a good one!! There is a reason why it is recomended to use a rubber pro-pipette: so you don't swallow anything! I have to get the electric ray tissue on the top layer of the sucrose gradient and I accidentally sucked too fast and I ended getting fish taste!! Terrible, terrible thing! Luckily, I had my tooth-paste and -brush at had!! You could say I was ----- for not being careful! But the thing is: doing a sucrose gradient without a machine that does it for you is very difficult! And it's almost impossible to do it with a pro-pipette! Oh, the woes of living in a third world country!!

Other than this, I had a great walk with my friend Stefi on Tuesday, a birthday party last Wednesday night and yesterday night I went to see Leonardo Di Caprio's lastest movie: Inception 

I LOVED IT!!!  Please do yourself a favour and watch it!! It's even better than  the first Matrix movie!!!!

And tonight: homemade pizzas with my best friends!!!

I took this picture on 20th June. We went to Monte Hermoso yo show a friend around :)

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

So gorgeous yet so sad

This is Laica and I found her while I was travelling back home after my winter holidays. 
She looks so sad. She looked like she had lost it all.
And she stood quite still as I got my camera and took her portrait.
So gorgeous, yet so sad.

I'm linking her to the Black and White Wednesdays. Have a beautiful wednesday!

                                                     the long road

Monday, 26 July 2010


                                                                          The Big Photo Challenge

I learned about this new weekly challenge in Allie's blog and it seems like a nice opportunity to share our work and to learn from each other and from the themes of every week. So I decided to participate too ^^
I took this self-portrait for a photography course I'm doing. I found out it's really hard to get a picture of myself that I liked! I took it with this settings: f4 ISO 200 1/25s

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Colour purple

 "What are you looking at?" seems to say my sister-in-law...

This goes to the I ♥ Faces weekly challenge: Purple. Check the rest of the entries here!

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Sunday, 4 April 2010


"Dios está aquí
tan cierto como el aire que respiro,
tan cierto como la mañana se levanta,
tan cierto como que yo canto y el me puede oír"

Hace casi 5 años que te fuiste
y se te sigue extrañando tanto...
Te quiero mucho, abue.

Thursday, 11 March 2010


The Mad Hatter: Have I gone mad?

[Alice checks Hatter's temperature]

Alice Kingsley: I'm afraid so. You're entirely bonkers. But I'll tell you a secret. All the best people are.

From Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland

So true.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Last day is last!

Al borde de un ataque de nervios...

...y esperando no quedar así...

Sólo falta un día

pero es eterno!

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Upcoming Freedom!

Freedom shall come,
it's not far away
only a week
gets in the way!

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Beautiful song :)

Loving you
Is easy because you're beautiful....
Making love with you
Is all I want to do....
Loving you
Is more than just a dream come true....
And everything that I do
Is out of loving you....

No one else can make me feel
The colors that you bring....
Stay with me while we grow old....
And we will live each day in spring time....

Because loving you....
Has made my life so beautiful....
And every day of my life
Is filled with loving you....
Loving you....
I see your soul come shining through....
And everytime that we....
Oh I'm more in love with you....

Monday, 8 February 2010

Ya estresado es estudiar?

Para aquellos que apenas llegamos de las vacaciones y ya nos estresamos con el estudio y con todos esos datos que nos tienen que entrar en la cabeza antes de la fecha del final, aquí tenemos una solución!

Me lo imprimo y ya estoy en condiciones de usarlo!

Si mi examen fuera múltiple choice, no dudaría en usar este método...

Y las vacaciones?
Deberían ser más largas...

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Six days of eternal waiting

Para tomarme la espera con una mísera pizca de humor...

Estos 6 días se me hacen eternos...

I really wish you were here...

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Xoxo, the abductor

Xoxo needed money. It never occurred to him that it was possible to obtain it in a quiet and legal way. Then again, Xoxo never was the brightest person one could get to know.
No. He needed money and when he thought about money and in the way to get it, Xoxo thought of puppies. The reason or the logical pathway with which he came to that way of thinking was never found, or if it was, it was too irrational to be considered seriously.
Puppies. Children loved puppies. And the parents would do anything to get the kids to stop crying because the puppy was gone. It was the perfect plan. Xoxo would kidnapp a puppy and get enough money to be set for life. Well, maybe not enough for that, but enough to avoid working for at least... a month.
Xoxo had another problem besides having the radical making-money idea mentioned above. The other problem was that he was lazy. It would be too much work to actually go and look for an appropriate puppy to kidnap. So he simply decided to avoid looking for one. He did not need to look for one when he had a perfectly adorable new puppy at his brother's house. Aunt Marsha had given the puppy to Xoxo's nephew, Johnas, last week for his birthday and from what he had seen Johnas had loved getting the puppy. Xoxo had heard Johnas' father and Xoxo's brother, Marvin, tell Aunt Marsha repeatedly how amazed he was that she had gotten Johnas a puppy. Surely Marvin wouldn't doubt paying a ransom for the puppy. It was the perfect target. And so Xoxo left his house early in the morning towards his brother's place.
The whole kidnapp part of Xoxo's plan was a piece of cake. Marvin always went to work at 6 o'clock and Johnas went to school at the same time, so when Xoxo arrived at 8 o'clock the house was all alone. It was only a matter of minutes to get inside Marvin's house (he used the key his brother had given him for those 'just in case' situations and for Xoxo this moment qualified as one), got the dog collar that was on the table on the puppy and left. The trip home presented no problem either.
It was all going according to plan. Now he would wait a few hours and call his brother. He would ask for 500 US dollars and he'd be set. Marvin would give him the money and Xoxo would release the puppy near his brother's house so his nephew Johnas would get his pet back. What could go wrong? Not a thing.
Xoxo took the collar off the puppy and left him in his living-room while he went to get them something to eat. Not knowing the taste of puppies, he made two ham and cheese sandwiches: one for him and one for the puppy.
By the time he got back to the living room, he found that the puppy had managed to get on top of his favourite and only sofa. It was not in any way a especial couch. The only advantages that it had was the soft feel of the cushions and how comfortable it was. Xoxo smiled at seeing the guileless puppy laying on his sofa. That puppy would get him what he wanted.
He left the sandwiches on a nearby table and looked around his apartment. Not knowing what to do while waiting, Xoxo decided to do what any smart person would do to pass the time: watch TV. To do that, he realized that he would need to move the puppy so he could sit on the sofa. Xoxo could not watch TV unless he sat on that couch.
"Come on, puppy. Get down from there. It's Xoxo's turn now."
The puppy's answer to that was a simple yawn and then he got more comfortable on the sofa. It did not seem that the puppy was going to get off the couch on his own any time soon. And that did not go well with Xoxo. The puppy was going to get helped out of the sofa.
Xoxo grabbed the puppy and pulled him towards him, so that the dog would fall off the couch. It worked. or at least it seemed to. As soon as the puppy hit the floor, it got up and before Xoxo could sit down on the sofa, sat again on the seat. Xoxo did not see that last part so he ended sitting on top of the puppy, but not for long.
With a growl and plenty of not yet very sharp teeth, Xoxo was expelled from the couch. Patting his hurt behind, Xoxo turned around angrily to look directly into the puppy's eyes.
"You bloody bastard! There was no need to do that!"
He raised his arm as if to hit the puppy. He was not going to hit the puppy of course, but then the puppy did not know that. Or so he thought.
Without any fear in its eyes, only distilling cuteness, the puppy stood on the couch, lifted a leg and let nature take its course.
"Aaargh!!" was all that Xoxo was able to articulate.
It had ruined his favourite couch! The bloody puppy had pissed on his sofa!!
Xoxo was not going to wait. He would make the call to Marvin right that moment. As soon as it was possible he would get rid of that couch-peeing puppy.
Trying to calm himself, Xoxo picked up a mobile and dialled Marvin.
"Hello Xoxo" answered Marvin after the first ring.
Xoxo started to speak and paused. Wait a moment, how does he know it's me?
"Xoxo? Why are you calling? Has something happened?"
Oh, I'm such a bloody idiot! I called him with my mobile! He has my number on record! Someone should shoot me for being this stupid. I have to fix it!, he thought.
"Er... hi, Marv!" He said in a rush. "I just go a note that says that Johnas puppy has been abducted! The person asks for 500 US dollars as ransom!" There he had fixed it.
"What?!" Asked Marvin sounding amazed. Xoxo hoped it was the way the voice came through the line. "Really? Are you completely sure? Why did you get the note? Shouldn't I the owner have gotten it?"
"Hell, if I know, Marv! I just got it! I don't know why me! Who knows how this abductor thinks!" I really hope he believes me. Otherwise I'm screwed!, he thought. Xoxo went on: "Anyway, yes, I'm sure, Marv. As soon as I got the letter I went by your place to see for myself and the puppy wasn't there! What are you going to do? Are you going to pay it? Think of Johnas!"
Xoxo held his breath. It was the moment of truth.
"Of course not, Xoxo!! Whoever took him can keep it! I don't like dogs and Johnas is allergic to them! I don't know who abducted the puppy but whoever it was did me a favor!"
"Really? I thought you liked the dog! I saw how thankful you were to Aunt Marsha."
"But of course I told her I was thankful! It would have been extremely bad manners not to have thanked her even if I hated the present. So I did and she was happy. I was waiting a little so she wouldn't be suspicious and in a few weeks I was going to give it in adoption to a friend of mine. I was only worried about what I was going to say to Aunt Marsha when she found out that I no longer had the bloody dog. But now I have a great excuse! Oh, boy, I'm so happy! I'm going home to confirm this wonderful news and then I'm going to call Aunt Marsha. Whoever this is, I'm really thankful! Thanks for the news, Xoxo! You're a great brother! Talk to you later!"
Xoxo hung up, sat down slowly on the floor and looked at the puppy sleeping on his favourite now-ruined sofa. Not only had he gotten no money, he now was the owner of the puppy. Xoxo did not know why but somehow his whole plan had turned out awfully wrong.