Saturday, 18 April 2009

Take a Breath

Shouts, footsteps, laughter, cries. The engine of an airplane flying above. The deafening sound of cars shooting by at the top speed limit. People talking, people smiling, people shouting, people crying. Mobile phones ring their poliphonic ringtones and every so often one poor embarrased monophonic one makes its presence known. The glamorous red of the coats, the missing green, the predominant grey and the ever-present black. The missing smell of roses and the smoggy smell of car's exhaust gas.

The unstoppable movement, the blinding colours, the unfelt textures, the strong smells, the hich-pitched sounds.

There it is the glorious city, the grotesque conglomerate, the unsufficient parks, the stressful life-style.

And in the middle of all that chaos, I just stand there next to you, feeling the wind blowing through my hair, letting it caress my face. I feel calm, light-hearted, happy. But then it's time for you to go, so I watch you as you walk away heading home.

My best friend, my lover. The love of my life. My moment of peace in a whirlpool of movement and stressful days.

And as you get farther and farther away, I feel the world pushing, trying to intrude again into my life. My moment of peace is over, at least until I see you again.

The movement, the colours, the textures, the smells, the sounds come back slowly into my senses. It's useless to fight it, so I take a deep breath, and submerge myself into chaos once again.

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