Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Waiting for news

Don't you hate when you wait for news or a message answering yours all day long and it never arrives?
And you look at your watch over and over again, hoping that time flies by so the message you are waiting for comes sooner. But it still doesn't arrive.
And maybe you get distracted and a few minutes go away. Maybe an hour or two if you're lucky. But then you remember about the message and you run to your mobile phone hoping against hope that the message arrived and you just didn't listen the phone ring.
It's hard to hide the disappointment on your face when you see that the message still hasn't arrived, that there isn't a missed call from the one you are expecting news from. You contain a sigh, and try talking yourself out of being so foolish and anxious. The news will arrive, sooner or later. Hopefully sooner. Those pep talks are always useless: it's always there at the back of your mind the hope that the phone starts to ring.
You get a little sad, a little blue, and stay very anxious, annoyingly so. And you keep waiting for the always blessed sound of arriving news.
And when it does ring, it is a commercial message from your phone company, trying to sell you a new product. It takes all your might not to throw the mobile phone out the window and in an effort to calm yourself you think: To the hell with this! If it arrives, it arrives and if it doesn't, well, who cares? And you stay annoyed, almost angry with the other person for making you wait for so long.
Time keeps ticking slowly away. So slowly you think you might go out of your mind, and still you keep waiting and waiting and waiting.
When you're about to give up, it rings again.
But you don't hurry. You're already disappointed and you know it's not going to be the message you were waiting for the whole day long. You try to control yourself because there still lives a flicker of hope in your mind, but you don't want to feed it in case it disappoints you again and it hurts more inside.
Slowly you grab your phone, trying to convince yourself it's another commercial message or a message from your mum. Of course you fail completely, your powers of conviction are never that strong. You open the phone and almost close your eyes not wanting to see, not sure you're up for another disappointing message.
But this time it's different! The expected message arrives!
And you smile. Suddenly all the suffering you felt during the day, waiting endlessly for this news to arrive seems so short, so useless, so foolish.
You read the message and smile wider. All your waiting was worth it. It wasn't so bad, was it? It was all your anxious personality and so on and on.
And suddenly the clock starts ticking faster and your day seems brighter.

We suffer uselessly and when the problem is fixed, we forget all about our ordeal. Until next time it begins again: The promised news with its endless waiting.
How foolish we people are some times!

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