Wednesday, 28 July 2010

So gorgeous yet so sad

This is Laica and I found her while I was travelling back home after my winter holidays. 
She looks so sad. She looked like she had lost it all.
And she stood quite still as I got my camera and took her portrait.
So gorgeous, yet so sad.

I'm linking her to the Black and White Wednesdays. Have a beautiful wednesday!

                                                     the long road


  1. Poor pup, but what a gorgeous B&W! If only they coud talk, I'm sure they've lived and seen so many things!

  2. Beautiful photo. I love the emotion you caught in the eyes.

  3. Thanks! She was so beautiful! She looked so lonely! I tried to pet her but the owner of the local she was outside of scared her away :(

  4. This sweetie just looks like she's waiting for some love. Poor thing but great photo opp.

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