Friday, 30 July 2010

Thank God it's Friday!

Oh boy! What a week! Thank God it's nearly over!

It's been a busy week at work because I had to prepare samples for a series of experiments I have to make. This preparation involves the electric organ of an electric ray that comes from California, USA. It took me three days to get everything done. But luckily I've finished. Next week the experiments will begin :)
There are only two things to complain about this week's work:

1) The centrifuges didn't want to work for me. They'd work for every one else but me! Does it mean they hate me? I don't think the can actually feel any emotion against me being that they are machines but although I follow every single step to get them to start (same as anybody else) they just won't start... So annoying!

2) I learned the taste of this ray.... and it's not a good one!! There is a reason why it is recomended to use a rubber pro-pipette: so you don't swallow anything! I have to get the electric ray tissue on the top layer of the sucrose gradient and I accidentally sucked too fast and I ended getting fish taste!! Terrible, terrible thing! Luckily, I had my tooth-paste and -brush at had!! You could say I was ----- for not being careful! But the thing is: doing a sucrose gradient without a machine that does it for you is very difficult! And it's almost impossible to do it with a pro-pipette! Oh, the woes of living in a third world country!!

Other than this, I had a great walk with my friend Stefi on Tuesday, a birthday party last Wednesday night and yesterday night I went to see Leonardo Di Caprio's lastest movie: Inception 

I LOVED IT!!!  Please do yourself a favour and watch it!! It's even better than  the first Matrix movie!!!!

And tonight: homemade pizzas with my best friends!!!

I took this picture on 20th June. We went to Monte Hermoso yo show a friend around :)

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