Monday, 10 November 2008


Words and words and more words. Soon they seem to lose all meaning until you're stuck staring at a wall of words that make absolutely no sense to you. You shake your head, close your eyes and open them again hoping you'll find your vision cleared.
But no. It's still the same. That wall of words that seems shaky enough that you think it'll fall upon you and crush your bones.
But you don't give up. You stare fixedly at it until you think your brain cells will fry trying to get a meaning out of it.
It doesn't work. You try think of an alternative. Perhaps it's better if you take a rest and try again in about 5-10 minutes. So you get up from your desk and go right to your PC where you have nothing better to do than post someting on your blog or play a few rounds of Bowling Buddies (your favourite game at the ever-present, ever-time consuming Facebook). By the time you're finshed playing, you realize that your supposed 10 minute break lasted the whole of an hour and already your morning is over.
Cursing you get back to your desk and start all over again with the study guide you're supposed to know for the next day. But still, 5 minutes after you begin to read your mind wanders everywhere but where it's supposed to be: focused on the written page lying on top of the table.
Still frustrated, you look out the window and you see the perfect sunny day that today is. And you feel more depressed because you're inside instead of enjoying the sun.
You sigh and turn back to the page at hand. You give it the hundredth try. Come on, you can do it. You can learn this for tomorrow... Let's focus.
Words and words and more words. Will they ever end?

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